9 Wrz 2020 - 12 Wrz 2020
29 SECEC Congress Poznan 2020

29 SECEC Congress Poznan 2020


For the first time in SECEC / ESSSE history the organization of the meeting has been awarded to Poland and our part of Europe. We are all very proud and have already started the preparations to host the SECEC / ESSSE family on the highest possible level.

The venue is historically one of the oldest in our country, established in 1921 and currently a modern and adjustable congress center located in the center of the city. Most of the hotels will be in quite close proximity to the center and the Old Town. Miasto Poznań is easily accessible by all routes (flights, trains, cars). It is a vibrant city full of culture, history (cradle of nation), education and sports.

The Poznań Congress presents a great opportunity not only to visit this splendid city with its living history and beautiful sightseeing attractions; but also to admire the fascinating culture of Poland and Eastern Europe. Dr. Przemyslaw Lubiatowskii and his team are arranging plenty of social occasions to rejoice all the flavors that Poznan offers to its visitors.

In Miasto Poznań, we will share a very rich and attractive scientific program presented by world renown experts, along with the most recent developments and brilliant innovations in our area of expertise bring forth by devoted researchers.

We are hoping to see you all in Poznan to enjoy together the 29th Congress of our 29 SECEC Congress Poznan 2020!

Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie (MTP)
Głogowska 14

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